Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Quad Lawtech strives hard to maintain the privacy of the data of every user. For us, the privacy of all of our users is of utmost importance. Within this segment of the Privacy Policy, we explain how we store your data, how we use it, and share it with others. Here, you will also learn about your privacy rights, specifically about personal data. In case you are not satisfied with the conditions and clauses of our privacy policy, then it is directed that you shouldn’t come to our website and shouldn’t take any of our services or products.

As the manager of this website, we have the right to make necessary changes in the conditions of the privacy policy. If some changes occur, we notify all of our users about the changes. But you also are responsible for going through this segment of the privacy policy regularly before taking any of our services. For this, you can save this page on your system so that no changes will leave out from your eyes.

This writing of Privacy Policy only deals with the personal information gathered through this website. The things for which you received the notification are as follows:

  • What personally identifiable information is collected through the website, how do we use it, and whom may it be shared?
  • Security measures are present to shield the data from misusage.
  • What choices are available for you all in terms of using the data?
  • Procedure to amend the inaccuracies or incorrect things that existed in the information.

Apart from all of this, if you have any queries regarding this aspect, you can freely reach out to us by writing a single mail at info@quadlawtech.com.

Note : Some phrases or words that are used here repeatedly, like “We,” “Us,” and “Our,” are used to denote Quad Lawtech only, so don’t get confused at all.

Gathering, Usage, and Storing of the Information

Every individual is free to roam the website; they can explore as there are no restrictions for such things are there. Apart from this, when you are moving forward to take any of our services or looking forward to taking part in the event, you have to fill up your personal information for the same as it is necessary. Moreover, we also collect navigational data.

Overview of What Personal Information is?

Simply, the term indicates any type of information you submit on our website that directly describes you. It comprises your name, contact number, email ID, Company, Job Title, and any other crucial information that describes your identity. The information from several previous transactions, information available on various social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and the information fetched from numerous third-party travel service providers are also coming under the segment of personal information.

If we talk of Navigational Information, it will also come under the same roof where personal information lies. It is because it consists of the ability to recognize any person through this. Navigational Data is nothing but some significant details about your computer and your visits to multiple websites on the Internet. It includes IP Address, Browser type, kinds of pages visited, the timing of the visit, and referral source.

Log Files and Information about the Visits

When anyone comes to our website to see our content available on Quad Lawtech and while taking our services, we will automatically store their data, mainly navigational ones. It comprises a domain name, IP Address, Operating System, the viewed file, Internet Service Provider, etc. We collect this information for the paid services not only to keep up the quality but also to provide general usage data or statistics. Therefore, only to fulfill such a purpose, Quad Lawtech merges this data with the record of personal information.

Information Utilization

Quad Lawtech will always cumulate the data by remaining under the conditions of the privacy policy. All the users who take our services are bound by our conditions to follow the conditions specified under Privacy Policy.

Never trade your personal information.

We will not trade, sell, or rent any information to anyone to give access or to collect the information you all provide us with full consent through multiple methods. Besides this, we didn't sell or rent your personal information to anyone, not for any purpose,

Usage of the personal information

By keeping aside all the uses that are already mentioned in this privacy policy, we will take the usage of the personal details to:

  • To answer you or reply when you initiate contact with us.
  • For the reason of promotion of the usage of our services and sharing of the content with you by taking the mind our communication preferences.
  • To satisfy all the legal requirements.
  • In order to enhance the user interface through the improvement of the website and services.
  • To communicate about the alterations in Terms & conditions, privacy policy, cookies policy, and other legal agreements.
  • Sending the information or content of the Quad Lawtech through email by thinking it might prove beneficial for you. Along with this, regarding the service of Quad Lawtech for marketing purposes.
  • In some instances, we (Quad Lawtech) may contact you on behalf of all our other business partners regarding the things you may be interested in. In such instances, we didn’t share any piece of your personal information with any of our third-party.

    Protection of your data

    Several technologies, measures, prevention, and methods exist there that get implemented to guard your whole personal data against disclosure, breach, and unauthorized access. Our way of saving or protecting data is convenient, user-friendly, and controlled. Along with this, all the procedures that we use for safety are physical, technical, and organizational.

    Sharing of information that we gather

    Along with we share information

    Some scenarios are present under which Quad Lawtech shares the personal details we collected from our customers. But in this case, it is only limited to some of the third-party, and along with this, you are notified or alerted through an email or by an official notice whenever you complete any of the forms on our website. So, the third parties under this scenario that receives the information are as follows:

    • A sponsor or co-sponsor of any event organized by Quad Lawtech in which you take part or register for it.
    • A speaker or member of the panel of any online or offline event related to compliance in which you wish to participate or attend it.

    In a matter of Corporate Events

    Suppose Quad Lawtech or entire of our assets get taken over by another company, whether they merge with us by any means like by acquisition, bankruptcy, and selling of the company. That company then will attain all the information collected by Quad Lawtech through the website or its services. If this happens, you will surely get to know about it by email on your registered email ID or on the website in the form of an official notice about the change of ownership, uses of your personal information, and the choices you have about your personal information.

    Disclosure under obligation

    Please remember that We, Quad Lawtech, hold the right to take the usage or disclose your personal information if it becomes obligated under the law. In addition, we can share the information in various other circumstances like to guard our rights, maintain safety or to keep security for others as well, and inspect for any fraud or scam. A few possibilities are also present there, i.e., in case of breaking out the binding with the terms and conditions.